Meet Us

Ahoy There! 

Lets start with some introductions...

My name is Kat and my husband Scotty and I have a whole bunch of children... Melissa 14, Kemsley 12, Ryder 3 and Phoenix 1.

We live a pretty awesome life here on the Sunny Coast in Queensland, Australia and together make up the family behind HELM Collective.
Now the big one, "Our Why" This can be summed up in one strong yet precious word. Phoenix, yep our littlest man. Phoenix joined us earthside on the 5th of July 2019 and surprised us with a few setbacks at birth, not knowing if I would be able to return to work we decided it was the perfect time to start a business... and with that HELM Collective was born.

After a long 18 weeks and 6 days (not that we were counting), Phoenix finally came off oxygen. He thrived for a few months however has since been diagnosed with global developmental delay and is currently undergoing further testing for the possibility of an underlying condition. He is quite possibly the happiest little dude we have ever met! Phoenix has given us an appreciation for the beautiful people in the medical industry and life in general. 

My goal in life is to provide for our family with my time. Phoenix has a LOT of appointments and we believe that early intervention is the absolute key to unlocking the best possible future for him. Phoenix is our priority, and I'm not afraid of hard work, but I think it's time I work hard for our family to create the flexibility we need, rather than continue with our current corporate 9 to 5 careers. So with that please know Helm Collective has our absolute heart and soul poured into it!
We will continue to update Phoenix's progress and share more of our crazy life through our Insta stories. I hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better! I can assure you that we are a real everyday family and Helm Collective is more than just a brand, it's a lifestyle... OUR lifestyle, packed with Sunny Coast adventures. So jump on board and get amongst it! 🤙🏼