Helm Collective Random Act of Kindness Mission

Hello beautiful people, I don't mean to make this like a "Dear Diary" but it does feel strange writing my first blog and wondering where the hell to start!

Right, Random Acts of Kindness, here we go...

When we decided to start a business it was a given that we would somehow give back to the community and naively thought it would be simple to choose a charity to support, but there are so many AMAZING and VERY WORTHY charities out there it was extremely hard to choose just ONE!

But with 2020 being a year of change for so many (that's a nice way of saying 2020 has been a massive steaming SHIT of a year for a lot of us), we decided to take matters into our own hands with a goal of giving everyday people a reason to SMILE. 

So with that we launched the HELM Collective Random Act of Kindness Mission on the 7th of November 2020. 

We kicked off with a very special personal act which I have to admit was a long and emotional day. If you haven't read our "About Us" page or seen "Our Why" highlight on Insta, basically our littlest man had a few troubles at birth. After ten days in the special care nursery in hospital here on the Coast, he ended up being transported to the NICU at The Mater in Brisbane. We live on the Sunshine Coast and had three other children to think of as well so it was a really hard time for our little (or not so little) tribe. 

We had the older kids sorted back on the Coast and Scott and I took Ryder (15 months at the time) to a dodgy hotel in Brisbane. We used to take Ryder to South Bank during the day while one of us sat with Phoenix, I scrubbed in so many times my hands would bleed. I don't know how the doctors do it!

We didn't sleep AT ALL!!! I used to feed Phoenix late at night, walk back to the unit about 10pm, shower, express every two hours so they could tube feed him during the night... AND you wouldn't believe it but Ryder commenced having night terrors (which he still suffers from). Ryder spent hours every night screaming the place down, like NEXT LEVEL SCREAMING!!!! In a teeny tiny unit that you couldn't swing a cat in, I thought we were going to get kicked out for sure.

I stepped into the mirrored lift one day and looked at myself for that small amount of  time as I went up to our shit box of a unit and didn't recognise myself. The physical exhaustion had me looking like a junkie and to top it off, all the walking didn't help my Caesarean wound and I ended up in ER myself one night. 

Anyway, that's the only time we have really had a long stay in Brisbane and we only usually return for one of Phoenix's checkups, so as you can imagine it has such an anxious feel about it. I was determined to return and hang out for a day in South Bank when we had no where to be and no appointments to attend. Just simply enjoy the place, so I chose this for our first act, to try and give Brisbane a different feeling.

When we finally found a carpark, my heart was beating so fast and my chest was tight. Scott and I both looked at each other with a tear in our eyes and unable to speak due to the massive lump we both had in our throats. BUT, we did it! We had fun and we managed to give ten very special families a bunch of flowers and a big teddy. It felt amazing and I hope we made them smile that day! 

We filmed a small part of our day which you can get a feel for by watching our highlight reel on Insta, I will continue to keep it updated with all our acts so you can see what we get up too!

Obviously we will never film anyone and always remain anonymous to the person receiving the act, but we will always let you know what we are doing so you can share in the excitement and see we are following through with our word.

Please know that every purchase you make will continue to keep this going and should you make a purchase, be sure to check out the challenge we have for you on the back of our thank you cards!

Ok, if you read all that you're a bloody legend so have an awesome day, and don't forget... always be a little kinder than necessary!

Kat xx